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100th Post Already And I Missed It!

Wow! I completely overlooked my 100th post which was Beau-coup’s 4 day sale so I’ll celebrate on my 101st post!

For someone like me who struggles to write (give me a camera any day over writing), it is quite an accomplishment to know that I’ve already done 100 posts! I feel my writing has really improved and I’m finally finding my own writing style. :)

Thank all of you for stopping by, leaving some comment luv, entering the giveaways or dropping your Entrecard. I appreciate all the support!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be working on a new look for my Free Birthday Treats website as well as adding lots of new free birthday offers. There are also a lot of new giveaways coming up from Lily on the Fly, Mighty Leaf, Zoobs, Karito Kids and Superstructs so be sure to stick around!

Many thanks,

Julie Sig

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