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A Spring Treasure Hunt

Holding an Easter Egg Hunt this spring? Perhaps you would like to add a twist and include a scavenger hunt of sorts. Or, if you are looking for a fun springtime activity, send your child and her friends on a treasure hunt to discover the season.

Here are some simple clues to get your scavengers searching:

Bunny: Fluffy and white, soon I’ll come and hide all the surprises in sight!

Flower: Ready to bud and bloom soon!

Chick: Small, bright yellow, and oh so tiny, I follow my mum around with no more than a waddle!

Egg: Whether plastic or real, colored or white, I am what you hunt with delight!

Chocolate: In all different shapes and sizes, I fill your basket with sweet surprises!

Kite: Fly me high; fly me low, I’ll go where the wind blows.

Jelly Beans: Small, juicy, and sweet, in a rainbow of colors for you I’ll treat!

Basket: Grasp me tight, and fill me full, with all the things that you find that are cool!

Bonnet: Over your head and ears I go, a brand new item to mark how time has flown!

Peeps: Marshmallowy sweet in fun colors and shapes, an Easter tradition to keep!

Have fun with your egg and treasure hunts this spring!

For more treasure hunt clues, visit Peppers and Pollywogs.

By Lisa Kothari, Peppers and Pollywogs

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