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An Olympics Celebration – Guest Post by Lisa Kothari

Kids love the Olympics, and will enjoy watching the Vancouver Olympics this year! Whether it’s the figure skating competition, ski jumping, snowboarding, or any of the other number of sports in the Olympics, throwing your own party or organizing some of your own activities will definitely please your kids this winter.

Organize an Opening Ceremony when all of the kids have arrived. Have the kids create their own Olympic flags using small wooden dowels and crepe paper in red, white and blue. Once their flags have been made, play the Olympic-themed music and open your games with everyone waving their flags. (The kids can keep these flags as a favor from the party.)

Create an Olympic Rings Mural. Cut out five large ring shapes out of thick paper. Have the kids color each ring with the Olympic colors: red, green, black, yellow, and blue. Arrange the rings on a plain white sheet of butcher paper and hang it up for your Olympic games and closing ceremonies.

Set up a series of your own games for the kids to compete in. Here is a starter list for games to play:

Hold a Gymnastics Competition: Set out a pad or mattress and have the kids do stunts on the pad, such as somersaults, rolls, cartwheels, and handstands.

Hold a T-Shirt Relay: Give each team 10 oversized T-shirts and divide each team into halves. Have one half of the team on one side of the games’ area the other half on the other side. Each team member must run to the other half of the team and put all the shirts on and then run back to their starting point and take all of the shirts off (one by one). Then a member from the opposite end would repeat. Each team member takes a turn and the first team done wins!

Create a Balloon Train where team members stand in a line and a balloon is placed between each player. The team has to hold the balloon in place between their belly and backs. Give the team a course to walk through as a team holding the balloons in place. If the balloons drop they must start over.

Play Pin the Flame on the Olympic Pyre game. Use a large cardboard box, some aluminum foil, and construction paper to create a shallow dish, and then cut out orange crepe-paper flames for the kids to attach with tape

Make an authentic Olympic Party Menu and serve food fit for athletes, including protein bars, trail mix, dried fruit, and nuts (watch out for nut allergies).

For a sweet treat: make a Five Olympic Rings Cake by baking a single layer 9″ rounds with a small circle cut out of the center in red, blue, black, green, and yellow.

Hand out awards after the various games and have the kids take these home to commemorate their Olympic participation.

Happy Olympics Viewing!

By Lisa Kothari, Peppers and Pollywogs

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