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Are You Paying What You Think for that Gift?

Sure we look at the price tags as we’re shopping, but how often do you make sure the prices match what’s displayed on the cash register? If you’re a mom, you probably have kids in tow, trying to keep them in order, plus digging in your purse for your card to pay, hoping you’ll make it out of the store before someone has a melt-down.

Well I recently visited our local Target looking for a basketball for our daughter. As I was sorting through them with my husband, we noticed the UPC bar code wasn’t on the bottom of the box, but on the basketball itself. We were looking at the price tags and this one was supposed to be$14.99. We decided to use the nearby price scanner just to make sure. The price displayed as $15.19 – an odd price for a basketball. So being the diligent people we are, we checked the product codes and UPC numbers plus scanned three more just to make sure. They all popped up as $15.19 so we grabbed a different basketball priced as $15.99 and the price displayed correctly – $15.99.

I decided to bring it to their attention if the basketball rang up as $15.19 and sure enough it did. I explained to the very nice Target cashier that the price should be $14.99. She proceeded to look through a Target sales ad, but I explained it wasn’t on sale, $14.99 was the normal price. This prompted her to turn on the “help me” light and within seconds a manager comes over. I explain again that the basketball is coming up as $15.19 and she says “yeah?” I went on to tell her according to the price tag and matching product codes it should be $14.99. She looks rather irritatedly over at the cashier and says “Well adjust it then!” and walks off. So much for friendly customer service from Target.

Now I know that $.20 isn’t a big deal and it certainly isn’t going to break me, but I wondered…first – how many people have bought this same basketball and never realized they are paying $.20 more than what they thought. It’s certainly not enough for a visit to customer service to get a credit to your account.  And secondly, why $15.19? The Target employee entering the pricing for the products surely would have thought that was an odd price as well, don’t you think? Is it a coincidence or was it done on purpose?

So as you go about your shopping, keep an eye on the prices ringing up. At the end of the day, it all adds up and it can either be in your favor or theirs.

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