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Beware of Birthday Travel Scam!

Beware of birthday travel scam

I check the mail today and am so excited because I receive this “Happy Birthday Julie” mailing. Thinking it was one of many free or discounted birthday offers that I’ve signed up for, I eagerly opened it to find:

Birthday Travel Scam

First off, I’m wondering how they knew my birthday was coming up and then I noticed they mislead you to believe that you’re being offered something by an official airline, like U.S. Airways, which of course, they aren’t. Then they mention several other well-known brands like Marriott, Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Bahama Breeze. The little asterisk at the bottom informs me that “This promotion is not sponsored or affiliated with Marriott, or Darden Restaurants but they are a major supplier.” What the heck does this mean? And why in the world would Marriott or Darden Restaurants even want to associate their brand with a scam like this one?

It seems, after reading several stories all over the Internet, that one must attend a presentation for a travel club to claim these complimentary offers. Even though the office had already closed by the time I received this, I called anyway and got a message stating I had received the travel rewards department. I plan to follow up with another call on Monday, just to verify, but based on what others have written, I can imagine the outcome. And no, I won’t be attending any meetings to claim anything that is supposedly complimentary.

To entice me even more they included this sample travel itinerary:

Birthday Travel Scam

I’m pretty jaded about these types of offers because I try to validate everything I list on However, after spending a bit of time online researching the company, which by the way is Millennium Travel, I found several postings on Ripoff Report of people who have been lured by false hope and promises.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why businesses like this are allowed to continue offering promotions of this nature. Birthdays are not meant to be smeared with misleading offers of complimentary gifts. This recession has certainly tightened up the purse strings, but please be careful and don’t fall for this one!

There are thousands of businesses out there that offer legitimate birthday freebies and discounts. Just be sure to read the fine print or call to verify if necessary.

I have a slew of offers coming in for my birthday later this month and will be sure to share all of these in another post.

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