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Celebrating Birthdays Around or On Holidays -Budgeting- Part 2

Tori Tait (Thoughtfully Simple)  is returning to share her how-to’s when it comes to cutting costs involved in celebrating a great birthday so close to a major holiday. This is no small feat, but Tori is giving us some great tips that will help you save on celebratory expenses. Tori has published some fabulous DIY party-planning tips at Thoughtfully Simple and is my go-to person when it comes to choosing party themes!


I truly believe that birthdays are a very special occasion, one that should be celebrated in a big way. However, with a birthday that falls near a holiday, this can become expensive to do. The challenge for many parents becomes affording to give your little one a fabulous birthday along with providing a memorable holiday (in my case Christmas). Here are a few tricks I have learned over the years to help accomplish cutting the celebratory costs:

  1. Plan ahead, way ahead. I keep a lookout year round for both birthday and Christmas gifts. This eases the financial stress of buying “double” when the end of the year rolls around. I also plan how we will be celebrating birthdays that year. Will there be a big party? A trip? A small dinner? Planning ahead will allow you to budget for the big day and also start picking up any items you may need well ahead of time.
  2. Make a tradition out of birthday decorations. Rather than purchasing new decorations every year, make or invest in thoughtful personalized birthday decorations that can be brought out year after year. How about a birthday banner with your child’s name? Or fabric bunting that reads “Happy Birthday?” Not only will you save money on decorating, you will also be creating wonderful birthday traditions that will last years to come.
  3. Look for birthday savings. If you want to go on a birthday trip or take the family out to eat, be sure to look for ways to save. There are places to go (like that will give you access to several venues, shops, and restaurants that offer discounted or even free birthday deals.
  4. Have realistic expectations. You might want to throw your child an over the top birthday party and pull off a magical Christmas, but financially that can be a strain for so many. Remember to keep your expectations realistic. You do not have to spend a fortune in order to make your child’s birthday memorable and fun. Simply doing things he/she like to do and being together on their special day will be cherished.

As long as you make it about the birthday child, and not the surrounding holiday, you will have given them the best gift.

Check back after December 5th because Tori will be sharing the conclusion of this wonderful series by letting us know the outcome of her girls’ birthday party!

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