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Celebrating Birthdays Around or On Holidays – Part 1

Ever wonder what it would like to have a child whose birthday fell close to or even on a holiday? Are you a parent who struggles with keeping your child’s birthday special even in holiday season?

Well, Tori Tait (Founder & Editor and Chief of Thoughtfully Simple) is sharing tips on how to accomplish this big task. She has great advice, gained from the experience of having not one but two children born just days before Christmas.

Thank you Tori for sharing your insight and experiences!


Birthdays are a very special occasion, one that should be celebrated in a big way. After all, you only get one day a year that is completely and utterly devoted to you. And for children, this is a big deal! However, what happens if your birthday falls in holiday season, during a holiday week, or even on a holiday? For parents, the tasks of planning and celebrating their child’s birthday close to a holiday can be tricky (and costly).

I should know because I have firsthand experience at managing this balancing act- birthdays and Christmas to be exact. My daughters are six year apart who just happened to be born December 22nd and December 23rd. I know right, what are the odds? Not only do we have the challenge of keeping Christmas separate from their birthdays, we have the hard work of keeping one child’s birthday separate from the others.

It is my experience that those with holiday birthdays (or parents of children with holiday birthdays) can have very strong opinions on the subject. I’ll warn you now, I fall into that category. In our family, there are rules that govern what is allowed and what is not allowed when it comes to celebrating their birthdays. For example:

  • My daughters were never referred to as “Christmas Babies.” Even despite the fact that with my youngest (born December 23rd) we actually did spend Christmas in the hospital. In no way were they delivered to us via Santa’s red sleigh and they definitely were not simply discovered Christmas morning under the tree. Not. Christmas. Babies.
  • There is absolutely no excuse for giving birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. This is simply not acceptable. They make birthday wrapping paper year round and it is important for children to feel their day is special not a mere extension of a holiday that happens to be taking place.
  • Speaking of gifts, no combo gifts are allowed either. This is typically the biggest complaint you will hear from a child whose birthday falls near a major holiday. If you would like to purchase a birthday gifts for our little ones, that is so generous of you. However, you have all year to do this- so why not plan ahead and avoid getting them a “combo” gift. It is not the idea of having one present over two that irritates me- it is the simple thought of making their birthday feel…well, like a birthday that is most important.
  • Birthdays are birthdays. Even though the last few days before Christmas are typically reserved for baking, last minute wrapping, and activities such as caroling- this is not the case in our home. Each of our girls has their birthday completely devoted to them.

Not only do we take the above items into consideration when it comes to planning and celebrating holiday birthdays, we also look for ways to save on the birthday and holiday expenses.

Want to know how we do save on our celebratory costs? I’ll share those tips with you here too, so check back soon! I’ll show how you keeping birthdays separate from holidays can be done on any budget, really.

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