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Cruzin Cooler – Fun & Practical

First you need to see the video:

Ok, done laughing now? I have to admit, riding around on a cooler scooter looks like fun, but then being an inventor myself, I like off the wall inventions like this. I also see a practical side to it as well. Our family loves to go to the zoo, watch air shows and on occasion visit theme parks, but about 5 years ago our son was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Walking long distances is tough, wears him out and just isn’t enjoyable to him. The older he gets the less inclined he is to be pushed around in a wheel chair. However, ask him to ride around on one of these and I bet we couldn’t get him off. Plus we’d have cold drinks and snacks to enjoy throughout the day. Unfortunately, he’ll have to wait a few years…it’s recommended for 18 years and older. Bummer!

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