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Curse of the Bone Pirates: A Teens Perspective Book Review

I actually gave this book to my 10 yo son for Christmas, but he had already started on his Godzilla book and didn’t want to start the Curse of the Bone Pirates until he was done. So, I asked my 14 yo daughter to read it…this morning. Of course, her brother was very specific about her not bending up the book because he is very excited about reading it as well. Can I just say how impressed I am that she not only read it, but wrote her own review. Behold:

Curse of the Bone Pirates

Curse of the Bone Pirates, a Nui Island Eco-Logical Adventure by B.T. Hope (Brian Machovina and Tina DiCicco) is probably among my favorite books now. I mean, it’s not really my genera, but I’m willing to make an exception for this book.

Big B brings the book to life as an easily relatable and incredibly human boy – as shown with the Rocco’s Pizza’s front window incident. And his hair is totally crazy! (love it!) I think what really got me about Big B was that he’s really just a kid from Chicago making the transition to Nui Island life. He ate candy bars, he has an iPod, cell phone, he skateboards; Big B’s just an average kid.

Sam brings girl-power new meaning. Purple and lavender hair, knowledge of everything that goes on at Professor Prune’s not-so-farmy farm, her flawless love for nature, her speed and agility, and her simple wisdom makes me rejoice in being a girl!

Nalu’s the smooth-over guy of the story. (By the way, I think his orange hair is wicked awesome too.) He’s laid-back and just plain lovable.

Professor Prune – Big B’s grandpa, eco-logical genius and all around good guy working to help nature along in any way he can – had something happen to scramble his brain a bit.

And somethings been going on ever since Big B’s arrived on the island. Something to do with the Bone Pirates, and maybe even Professor Prune’s jumbled thoughts and speech.

But can Big B, Sam, and Nalu – three utterly regular kids – find his mind and stay alive in the process?

I’m not telling! Muahaha!

Besides, if you buy Curse of the Bone Pirates, you’re buying a book printed on recycled paper with soy inks! And Nui donates $1 from every copy sold to “charities that empower youth.” And add to that, the publisher, Greenleaf Book Group, operates a Tree Neutral program that plants trees to balance out our extensive use of trees.

If that hasn’t totally bent you on getting this book, check this out: Curse of the Bone Pirates really has Nui Island as a major natural recycling/reusing/scientifical paradise. Meaning it really gives examples of stuff the island does to keep their environment healthy. Plus the story includes true environment facts. Like how not all bacterias are bad! There are some bacteria that are actually really good, and they battle the bad bacteria. Not to mention that bacteria is the oldest living life form on Earth. I did not know that. Radical, right?

Alright, I’ve done my best to get you hooked on the Curse of the Bone Pirates. So if I haven’t, I’m sorry. Yet may I add that you’d majorly be missing out on a tubular adventure.

Note: the seal of approval on the cover states “safe for adults with kid supervision.” Another “Note:” I back this statement entirely.

The Curse of the Bone Pirates can be purchased at Nui’s online store for $11.95 and really would make a wonderful birthday gift.

In addition to this wonderful book that helps educate kids about our environment, Nui has also created Nui Hybrid beverages in eco-packs for kids. This hybrid fuel contains only natural fruit juices and powerful ingredients to provide your body machine with the most fuel-efficient energy source possible.

My daughter and I hope you enjoyed this review and look forward to providing many more.

Special thanks to the Family Review Network and Nui for providing a copy of the Curse of the Bone Pirates for evaluation.

Julie Sig

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