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From Christmas Tree to Happy Birthday Tree

From Christmas Tree to Birthday Tree

Ever wondered what it must be like to celebrate birthdays around the holidays? Often times these birthdays are just blended in with everything else during this busy season. I wondered about it, so I recently started a discussion on Twitter Moms, “How do you celebrate birthdays that come up during the holidays?“. There were quite a few responses from moms willing to share their opinions and traditions. One of these really grabbed my attention. Dawn Sandomeno from Paryblueprints Blog has started a very unique and creative family tradition – the Happy Birthday Tree. I just fell in love with this idea!

Dawn took a few minutes out of her busy schedule just the other day to to answer a few questions that I’d like to share here:

This is such a unique tradition, how did it come about?

Truly out of necessity. I really felt that my son Jake’s birthday was never quite as special as those for our other sons. Everyone was spent (emotionally, physically and financially) after the Holidays and it just seemed that his birthday was “another thing”. One year we were having family over for his birthday party and I was decorating for the celebration. I looked at our Christmas Tree, wishing I had taken it down earlier, when it hit me that it could become a his own Brithday Tree! I stuck balloons and Birthday wishes on it. This year I think I will add streamers too. He loved it, it made him feel special and it turned Christmas decor into a fun Birthday Decoration!

Why do you feel it is important to separate holidays and birthdays?

Because they are two separate life celebrations and each deserves their own tribute. There are ways to combine them, like the Birthday Tree, that don’t lessen the importance of the Birthday. I think it cheats the Birthday boy or girl if you try to pass off a Holiday celebration as a Birthday Party. We each only get one, right?

Dawn also made one final comment, “Making celebrations special, doesn’t require lots of time or money. The simple things seem to touch people most.”

I couldn’t agree with her more!

Dawn should know too, she is a party and lifestyle expert and a partner in Party Bluprints Inc. Dawn and her business partner, Elizabeth Mascali, are co-founders of the first-ever website to provide online electronic party plans –

Find Dawn on twitter as well: DawnSandomeno

Thoughts, ideas or suggestions about this topic? Leave a comment!

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