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Frugal Budget Lots of Fun 16th Birthday Party

Like most parents these days, when our child nears their 16th birthday, we start to ponder what we can to make this special birthday memorable while trying not to go broke at the same time.

It just so happens that this last weekend my daughter, who will soon be 16 (yikes!), went to a 16th birthday party at a local roller skating rink (Skate Zone) and had the time of her life. That’s because this was more of an open door birthday party. There were no formal birthday party invitations, just a birthday text message saying “Hey so and so is having his 16th birthday at Skate Zone” with the date, time & how much it cost to get in. You see the teens had to pay for their own admission, however, the parents did provide a birthday cake.

Skate Zone was the perfect place for a 16th birthday party. They provide a safe and fun environment for kids of all ages and have designated Friday nights as “Teen Night” from 7p.m. – 12p.m. They even have employees dressed as referees to help people up when they fall down.

I’m not sure if the parents purchased a birthday package, which seemed to be affordable, or just got permission to bring in the birthday cake, but all the kids had a blast. My husband and I enjoyed ourselves as well watching some of them attempt to skate (our daughter included).

About 30 minutes before closing, the DJ told everyone to clear the floor and turn in their skates then return to the floor for some dancing. Oh they ate this up! A chance to show off their smooth moves!

The evening wasn’t about big presents, it was about having fun with friends being goofy, dancing and trying not to fall!

Birthdays don’t have to be expensive and according to Neil Rubenstein of Creative Celebrations,

Party Planning 101: Remember if your child had fun at their party…it was a success.

Do you have some frugal birthday party ideas? Share them here by leaving a comment!

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