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Fun for All Bright Star Kids Chalkboard Wall Panels

Thanks to the Family Review Network, I was able to participate in a review of Bright Star Kids’ products. I chose the Chalkboard Wall Panel Graphics in Ocean Blue and Lovely Lime, which are reasonably priced at $35.03. Seems an odd price doesn’t it, but then Bright Star Kids is an Australian company that creates Wall Stickers, Kids Labels, Wall Art and more. They’ve covered just about every angle when it comes to decorating kids’ rooms.

So I enlisted the help of my 14 year-old daughter to decorate a long hallway with these handy Chalkboard Wall Panels. It was a cinch! The colored panels are very easy to peel and adjust and although the chalkboard panels are definitely more sticky, if you’re quick those can be re-adjusted as well.

Once they were up, there was no holding my daughter back. She went to town with ideas on how we could put these panels to use.  I was relegated to being the picture taker of her creations. Perhaps it’s best if I let the pictures show her ideas.

To-Do Lists:

Bright Star Kids Chalkboard Wall Panels


My 10 year-old son got involved at this point and if it’s not obvious he loved the movie Monsters vs. Aliens.

Bright Star Kids Chalkboard Wall Panels

Special Causes:

Bright Star Kids Chalkboard Wall Panels Bright Star Kids Chalkboard Wall Panels

Side note here: We are thrilled to be taking part in Earth Hour tonight, which by the way originated in Sydney, Australia and hope that millions of others do as well.

I’ve just given a brief overview of this product, but in case your buzzing with questions here is some additional information that should answer just about any question you might have:

What are Wall Graphics?
Wall Graphics are removable wall decals that you can use to decorate any smooth surface, such as painted walls, windows and furniture. There are lots of different designs to choose from to create a space that is unique to you.

How Do People Use Them?
They’re so easy to use, simply peel and stick. As they’re 100% removable if you make a mistake you can easily peel them off and move them to a different area.

Most of our customers like to use them to decorate their babies nurseries or their toddlers bedrooms. Some customers like to paint the walls using our curved line paint effect tip, which gives a greater feeling of depth. Other customers who don’t want to, or aren’t allow to paint, simply stick them up on the plain wall. Either way looks fantastic and gives an instant fun feel to the room.

If you’d like to check out how our customers have used their Wall Graphics, please head over to our Photo Gallery where you’ll see real life photos plus testimonials.

Who Makes Them?
Bright Star Kids designs and manufactures all of the Wall Graphics on their premises in Australia. Every single product that we produce is made from the best quality removable vinyl that is available. Plus we have incredibly strict quality control standards that all of our products have to pass before they’re allowed to go to our customers. This ensures that our customers rooms stay looking amazing for years. It also means that our customers keep coming back and telling their friends.

How Much Do They Cost?
Bright Star Kids Wall Graphics are really well priced and with the US currency rate being so strong, US customers get a fantastic deal. Our Wall Graphics range from approximately $26USD to $52USD per pack and there is only one flat shipping fee of approximately $10USD. All US customers can change the amounts to be displayed in their currency, which makes it really easy.

How Long Does It Take To Arrive?
Bright Star Kids send all orders from Australia within 2 working days of receiving your order. Most of our US customers find that their parcels arrive in around 2 – 3 weeks, but if you live in a more remote area this could take a bit longer. The Wall Graphics come in a protective large cardboard envelope, so if you’re not home when your mail person tries to deliver it, they will leave a note and you will have to collect it from your local mailing office.

Wrap Up: I have to say that I’m highly impressed by the product quality, customer service and how quickly the package arrived from Australia.

Offer to Readers: Bright Star Kids is generously offering a 20% discount off your entire order. To use simply enter the promotional code FAMILYREVIEW into the Promotional Code section of their Shopping Cart and then press Submit.

This offer will be valid for one month from 25th March until the 25th April and the discount doesn’t work with any automatic store discounts. For example if a person buys 2 or more Wall Graphic or Wall Letter kits, they will automatically get between 15 – 25% off. These products won’t get the extra 20% off, but any other product that’s in the order will.

Julie Sig

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