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Hide and Seek Budget Party Fun

If you are looking for a fun, inexpensive party to organize for your two to three-year-old child, you can take the simple game of Hide & Seek and build a complete set of party activities around the idea of hiding and seeking.  This will be loads of fun and low-key. Parties really can be so simple for kids this age. Take a look at the Hide & Seek Fun to be had:

  • 1. Play Hide & Go Seek ~ the classic game, of course
  • 2. If adults will be attending the party, reverse it and have the kids look for their parents
  • 3. Provide toddler-sized boxes that are either pre-decorated by you or that the toddlers can decorate themselves. What a great craft activity! Have them use markers, crayons, etc. to make their own “Jack In the Box.” (This can also be the take home goody from the party!)
  • 4. Play Jack In The Box. Have the kids climb into the box, and duck down so as not to be seen. Play music, and let the kids pop up just as a Jack In The Box would do.
  • 5. Hide a Piñata that the kids must find in order to enjoy the fun.
  • 6. Organize a treasure hunt for chocolate gold coins.
  • 7. Make a mock tent using a large cardboard box and a sheet. Let each child hide in the tent and pop out surprising the others. You can ask them to pop out using their imagination and become a lion, a dog, a cat, etc.
  • 8. Give them boxes of Cracker Jacks to enjoy finding their prizes.
  • 9. Hide candy treats in a batch of cupcakes. The kids will discover the surprise as they enjoy their cakes.
  • 10. Play “I Spy.”
  • 11. Read books that have flaps to reveal hidden pictures.
  • 12. Have the kids make creations using Play Dough. Hide some small prizes in each little Play Dough jar for the kids to discover.

There will be plenty of surprises and prizes for the kids to find and take home at this party. This is very low-cost, high fun party for the toddlers. Amazing how a classic game can give a party full of kids a great afternoon.

By Lisa Kothari, Peppers and Pollywogs

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