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Holiday Cleaning with Weiman Products Review and Giveaway

Weiman Products

Are you stuck using your old standard house cleaners? I’ve actually been wanting to use more “green” cleaning products, but to be honest, I had no idea where to start. Then this great opportunity came my way to evaluate some of Weiman’s products for the first item on my list was the Perfect Planet Floor Cleaner.

Weiman's Perfect Plant Floor Cleaner

This green floor cleaner was appealing to me because it is a plant-derived, all-natural floor cleaner with no harmful chemicals. It’s also biodegradable and safely removes dust, dirt, grease, milk, syrup, orange juice, hot sauce and just about anything else embedded on your floors. I’m sure if I thought about this long enough, I’d not only be grossed out, but could come up with a dozen more things on the floor.

It is safe to use on almost any hard floor such as hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, laminate, ceramic tile, grouted tile, marble, non-porous hard surface flooring and no-wax flooring. The suggested retail is $3.99 for a 27-ounce bottle. It can be purchased online and at a selected retailers, including Jewel-Osco, Menards and Hannaford.

My daughter and I tested it out on grouted ceramic tile with our new Wonder Mop. We noticed right away that it did not streak and the clear sink water turned a dirty brown. It wasn’t until a bit later when I bent down to wipe up some water drops and happened to look down at the paper towel…it was still white.

There is always a concern when it comes to choosing a floor cleaner because the kids and our cat. Now we can rest assured that not only are our floors clean, but there are no harmful chemicals being leached into the air or left on the floor.

Weiman's E-Tronic WipesThe second item on the list from Weiman’s was the e-Tronic Wipes. Living a desert it can be quite a challenge tackling the ever existing dust that can accumulate in a mere day. It’s on everything, but I always struggle with what to use on the electronic equipment like the TV, computer screens, DVD player and so on.

Putting these e-Tronic Wipes to the test was easy. I used it on our big screen TV, our LCD TV screen, LCD computer monitors and then my daughter tested it out on her iPod and cell phone. All the smudge marks from fingertips are gone, along with the heavy layer of dust and there are no streaks.

e-Tronic Wipes are ammonia-free and will neutralize and eliminate static. The suggested retail for a 30-count canister of wipes is $5.49 and can be purchased nationwide at Ace Hardware, Kmart, Target and True Value stores.

Two wonderful products to help keep your house sparkling clean for the holidays!

Now, I also have the honor of hosting a $100 Libman and Weiman Products giveaway which includes:

  • Wright’s Silver Polish
  • Perfect Plant Floor Cleaner
  • Weiman E-Tronic Wipes
  • Weiman Leather Wipes
  • Weiman Cook Top Wipes
  • Wonder Mop
  • WonderFiber Cloth

That’s right, everything listed above will be sent out to one lucky winner! If you’d like to enter this giveaway please click here.

Good luck!

Julie Sig

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