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Hometown Favorite Lucky Wishbone Celebrations 55th Birthday

Photo by Bill Roth Anchorage Daily News

Photo by Bill Roth Anchorage Daily News

Lucky Wishbone, Anchorage, Alaska’s oldest family-owned restaurant, celebrated their 55th birthday yesterday, November 30, 2010. It is one of those restaurants that mostly only the locals know about and love dearly because of the awesome staff and fantastic food. Growing up, it was a family favorite. Countless times my dad would say, “I’ll buy, if you fly!” Being the smart, young adult that I was, I never turned away free food, especially Lucky Wishbone’s Jumbo Cheeseburger!

We moved back up to Anchorage this summer and guess where we stopped first? You got it! Lucky Wishbone!

Lucky Wishbone Jumbo Cheeseburger

Happy 55th Anniversary George and Peggy! Thank you for the fabulous food and wonderful memories!

If you’re planning a trip to Alaska and plan to stay in Anchorage for any length of time, I highly recommend stopping by Lucky Wishbone. For other places and things to do, be sure to check out

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