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InstantAmber Child Safety – Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late

As I child I remember running all over our neighborhood, even in the wooded areas at the end of the street. We just had to check in at certain times so our parents knew all was ok. Nowadays, I sit outside with my kids to make sure all is ok. We’ve tried to instill in our kids how to keep safe and yet still be independent.

Life is not what it used to be many years ago and we, as parents, have every reason to be concerned, but there are some things that we can do to help protect our children and keep them safe.

There is a new service being offered by InstantAmber. God forbid your child should ever be abducted, InstantAmber can deliver critical data and photos to law enforcement which can greatly increase the odds of successfully recovering your missing child!

Here is a detailed video on how it all works:

The cost for this service is $29.95 per year for each child and right now they are offering a 30 day Free Trail. For more information or to sign up visit:

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