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It’s Live – Free Birthday Treats Blog!

I did it! I’m finally putting up my first post on my new blog! I naively thought that it would be cinch to put up a blog, but I should have known that I tend to complicate all matters and this project wouldn’t go by unscathed! Needless to say, I finally got it done and I couldn’t be happier! I decided to create a blog because I wanted to provide more and it couldn’t all be accomplished through my website.

In January of this year, I launched Free Birthday Treats, which is a free and easy to use resource to search for local free and discounted birthday treats for all ages, including pets. Browse through over 2,000 treats nationwide and sign up directly with the businesses which usually give a sign up freebie as well as other offers throughout the year. Just be sure to set up an email account for your treats otherwise you’ll have an overflowing mailbox.

I was recently asked in a TV interview, is there disbelief and is this just too good to be true when I chat with others about Free Birthday The answer is YES!!!! Most people associate a free birthday treat as a free dessert, but did you know about the free birthday dinners or the free skiing at Arizona’s Snowbowl? Not looking forward to washing your car? Get a free birthday car wash or how about a free birthday pet toy for your pet dog or cat?

Tough times are upon us and every penny saved is a victory. With soaring gas prices and food costs shooting out the window, celebrating birthdays has understandably taken the back burner in our lives. This gets especially tough when kids are involved. They don’t understand why they are not doing as much as last year. Granted, I’ve spent way too much in past years on my kids’ birthdays so I wouldn’t say cutting back isn’t unwarranted, but not celebrating at all…that’s hard.

Whatever your budget might be, why pay full price with all these free and discounted offers just waiting to be grabbed up? So what are you waiting for? Start signing up for these offers and let your email box fill with savings!

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