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Kids Central Kitchen Product Review

Kids Central Kitchen

A while back I was contacted by Kids Central Kitchen about doing a review for their products. I have to admit that I’m usually very wary of trying out food products from businesses I’m not familiar with, but after doing a bit of research, I accepted the offer.

Mark and Maureen, the founders of Kids Central Kitchen, have done an outstanding job perfecting these healthy baking mixes for all ages to enjoy. They sent us four baking mixes to try out: Swinging Monkey Banana Bread, Mudslinger Chocolate Brownie, Homerun Oatmeal Raisin Cookie and Propeller Energy Bar.

Kids Central Kitchen

Introducing our natural, whole grain baking mixes for kids and their families. We “JUST SAY NO” to trans fats, hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives! But, we do say YES to great taste. Our panel of “little tasters” has given us a unanimous thumbs up! We are proud to now be able to share our mixes with you and your family. Happy baking!

I could continue on with my own opinions, but since these baking mixes were ultimately made for kids, I’ll let my own do the talking:

My 11 yo son loves to cook. He is always offering to help my husband and I cook meals (not clean off the dishes, just cook) and was thrilled when we received our box of goodies. What did he think of Kids Central Kitchen?

My opinion is that I think these are great things for kids because it really helps the kids learn how to cook! My favorite was all of them because they are so good! This was one of the easiest things I have ever made! Most of them have only two or three ingredients! They are also healthy! Once you try these, you’ll love them!

Kids Central Kitchen

Kids Central Kitchen

Now my son is definitely more open to trying healthy alternatives, my teenage daughter on the other hand isn’t. That was until she got hold of those Propeller Energy Bars. I think I might have gotten one or two small pieces. This is what she thought of Kids Central Kitchen:

Oh, yum yum give me some more. Normally, I don’t often eat breakfast – I’m lazy and I really don’t get up in time. Kids Central Kitchen made it easy for me to make something (eh-hem, cough cough, ENERGY BARS) then gobble it up on my way to school, providing me a wonderful source of nutrition and chocolate. (I love chocolate, in case you were wondering.) It’s so easy and simple, not to mention healthy. Everything is utterly delicious. Banana Bread, ENERGY BARS, Oatmeal Cookies, Brownies. Gosh, I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Kids Central Kitchen

Now, getting back to me being a lazy teenager – what isn’t better than something that takes such little work? And parents: do you like knowing that everything fast and easy is not good for your kids? Kids Central Kitchen had you in mind when they made these perfect little packages for the people you care about most.

And yes, she can be hired to write copy for you too! :)

I didn’t even get a chance to take pictures of the Swinging Monkey Banana Bread! I do believe that was engulfed in a matter of mere minutes. Not one of these products tasted like cardboard after baking it. They were all delicious.

My only draw back would be availability. Unfortunately, they are not available at most local grocery stores so there is an increased cost because of shipping. I’m sure it won’t be long before they are readily available across the nation.

Baking mixes start at $5.99 and there are several flavors available including Flip Flog Flapjacks Pancakes. Kids Central Kitchen also offers the baking mixes as party favors and even has a Kids’ Baking Party In a Box.

If you’d like to enter the giveaway for (4) party favor baking mixes (ends May 13, 2009), be sure to visit the FBTbash Giveaways Galore.

Julie Sig

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