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Luau Family Party

Shindigzparty Luau

Photo Courtesy of Shindigz

A Luau is a very popular theme for any age and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. This is especially fun during the warm summer months. You can plan a luau to be very inexpensive to more costly depending on the invitations, decorations, crafts, food, and goody bags that you have at the party. The following ideas are designed to provide ideas for any budget.

To save money, you can easily send an e-invitation to your party if your guests have access to the Internet. There is no cost associated to sending e-invitation and they have a wide variety of themes to match your party.

If budget is a consideration, ask your local party store and/or grocery store and see if they have any old decorations, such as grass skirts, tiki poles, lanterns, that they would be willing to give to you for free. Often major stores have old decorations that they would be happy to donate to your party. It just requires asking a question.

Another inexpensive way to decorate is to make tissue paper flowers that you can scatter across your party tables and area, as well as tissue paper tropical birds.

  • Make a flower napkin/cutlery holder out of felt. Wrap the holder around the napkin and cutlery and this will also add a festive touch for a small amount of money.
  • Make paper lanterns and hang them on trees throughout your yard.
  • Have your guests wear tropical attire, i.e. their wildest Hawaiian shirt. This will also make for a festive atmosphere.
  • Provide your guests with leis as they enter the party. You could either make these out of string with tissue paper flowers all the way to real, tropical flowers. Just depends on your budget.
  • Paint a Hawaiian tropical scene on an old sheet and hang it between two trees. You can take pictures of guests there as well.
  • Other decorating ideas would include: grass skirting for your tables, tiki torches, which can also be filled with oil that keeps the bugs away, a big “Aloha” sign can be hung to welcome your guests as well. (You can either make it or buy one.) Blow up Palm Tree Balloons.
  • Use fun cocktail umbrellas in all of your drinks for a festive touch.
  • Have Hawaiian music playing in the background.
  • To give it a tropical feel, spray paint an old white sheet with a tropical scene…and hang it outdoors…perhaps between two trees…when the guests arrive, take pictures of everyone with the tropical scene as a back drop.
  • If you have a pool, fill it with beach balls…you could even get a small kiddie pool and fill it with beach balls as well.


  • Have a limbo contest!
  • Have a Hula Hoop contest!
  • Teach people the Hula. Provide grass skirts to your guests to make it authentic.
  • Play Pass the Pineapple. Purchase a pineapple. Have your guests pass it around to music. When the music stops, the person holding the pineapple wins a prize. Have a relay contest, but with a twist. Fill a suitcase or a big tote bag with clothes that both a man and woman would wear on a vacation. The relay consists of running to the bag, getting dressed in the outfit, running back with the bag, taking the costume off, and then the next person must put on the costume and run with the suitcase to the other side.
  • Coconut Bowling: Use a coconut as a bowling ball to knock over three pineapple pins.
  • Play Pin the Monkey on the Palm Tree.
  • Have a tropical piñata. Kids can take home the candy from the piñata.

For your party menu, serve fruit salad, (try to include some tropical fruits like pineapple) veggies with a ranch dip, crackers and cheese, and chips and dips

Set up these snacks at a Snack Shack, a cute store front for guests to get their goodies.

  • Have a BBQ and enjoy chicken, steaks, and kebabs on the grill
  • Hawaiian Pizza
  • Make fresh pineapple boats
  • Have the kids create their own fruit skewers and dip the skewers in chocolate and other sauces.

For the kids, serve punch and add in cherries with the umbrella for extra fun!

Send the children home with a hula-hoop or an inflatable beach ball.

By Lisa Kothari, Peppers and Pollywogs

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