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New Weekly Contributor: Lisa Kothari Founder of Peppers and Pollywogs

Lisa Kothari Peppers and Pollywags

Amazing things can happen through Twitter and this is one of them. It all started with a simple tweet from Lisa Kothari, founder of Peppers and Pollywogs, asking if I’d be interested in a feature on her website. Never one to turn down free publicity, I responded back with an affirmative. The phone interview was amazing! Lisa and I hit it off right away and discussed how we could help each other.

With that goal in mind, I am very excited to announce that Lisa will be a weekly contributor to! Lisa brings with her an impressive history of party planning and passion for helping others as evidenced by her bio:

Lisa Kothari, party planning expert and author, has a passion for planning creative and entertaining parties! As Founder and President of Peppers and Pollywogs, a kids’ party planning company, Lisa provides parents with ideas, entertainers, and interesting web-based tools to make children’s party planning fun and easy!

Drawing from all of her gained knowledge and her brilliant imagination, Lisa has organized her excellent tips and original ideas about throwing a wonderful celebration for any occasion onto her website and in her book: Dear Peppers and Pollywogs…What Parents Want to Know About Planning Their Kids’ Parties. Her main party planning belief is that no matter the budget or amount of time a parent has, an incredible party can always be thrown, keeping children cheerful and parents stress-free during their wonderfully planned celebrations! Her passion is helping parents achieve this with minimal time and effort.

Please help me in giving Lisa a warm welcome to I am sure that like me, you’ll be excited to read her weekly posts!

Julie Sig

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