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Robin Hood Party Ideas – Guest Poster Lisa Kothari

Robin Hood Movie Party Ideas Peppers and Pollywogs
Robin Hood is about to be released in theaters across the country and it’s the latest version of this classic tale, which looks sure to please audiences with action and adventure through the entire show. A great birthday party idea would be to host a movie birthday party and organize a few of your birthday child’s friends to see the movie together. If, however, you would like to throw a Robin Hood party for your child and his friends this would be a great theme, especially with a renaissance flavor too.

Robin Hood Party Invitation:

Create a small wooden crossbow and using moss green heavy card stock, cut the paper out in the shape of an arrow and write all of your party details on the arrow.  Place the invitation card on the crossbow using a small piece of tape on both ends.  On the invitation, request that the guests bring their wooden crossbows with them to the party.

Robin Hood Party Decorations:

This is a great party to have in the springtime when the action can take place outdoors either in your backyard, a woodsy area or a park. Use colors like green, brown, and rustic yellows for balloons, streamers, and tableware. Place banners around the party area and make up a “family crest” to place at the front entrance to the party. Spread chocolate coins around the party table as festive confetti.

Robin Hood Party Games/Activities:

When the kids arrive, have them make swords out of cardboard and tin foil. You can also hand out simple felt hats with a feather sewn in. Green smocks would also be added fun. Other options include: face painting and moustaches for the guests.

Play Tug o’ War.

Have a “helper” dress up as a “gypsy” and tell the kids’ their fortunes.

Enjoy Tax Collecting. Divide the kids into two teams, one group is soldiers and the other group includes Robin Hood and his gang. Hide coins all over the party area that are ready for collecting. Robin Hood’s gang tries to find them before the soldiers. Have the hunt and see who collects the most taxes!

Tagged by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Designate one kid to be the Sheriff. When he tags someone, he becomes one of the Sheriff’s men and seeks to tag others as well. Play the game until everyone has joined the Sheriff!

Robin Hood Party Menu:

For the party menu, serve medieval chicken, chicken wings with ranch sauce and celery, jewel salad made with dried fruits and greens, mini loaves of bread, chunks of cheese, and dried fruits.

Robin Hood Party Favor:

Send the guests home with green felt loot bags filled with chocolate gold coins tied off with brown twine.  Additionally, the kids could take home their hats, smocks, and homemade swords.

~ Lisa Kothari is the creator of Peppers and Pollywogs, a Party Expert and author of  Dear Peppers and Pollywogs – What Parents Want To Know About Planning Their Kids’ Parties.

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