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Top 5 Party Tips for Planning Tween Parties – Guest Poster Lisa Kothari

Top 5 Party Tips for Planning Tween Parties

Often parents want to know when do the kids’ parties end?  You are pretty safe after the age of 13 as teenagers often want to celebrate their party with their friends in their own way, and usually it does not include a party with Pin the Tail on the Donkey!  So, parents need to prepare to organize birthday parties through the tween years – ages 9-13 years old.  However, as your kids become tweens often the types of parties change and for the better in many ways.  Keep the following top 5 party tips in mind when planning your tween birthday parties:

1. Let them limit the guest list. Often tweens know who they want at their parties and it may be quite a limited number as they have a certain group they hang around with.  Keeping the guest list small will help with the birthday party budget and may be just what your tween wants.

2. Embrace the age of slumber parties. Tweens love to spend the night and they are at the age where this is truly fun, and not scary.  This is the perfect time to suggest an overnight party – as long as the parents are up for it too.

3. Reality TV makes great tween party themes.  Whether it is Fear Factor, Amazing Race, or American Idol, these shows provide loads of creative ideas to build a cool tween party theme around.

4. Embrace charitable party themes.  Tweens may be interested in raising money for a good cause to there celebrate birthday.  Perhaps it will be a car wash party or a book drive to donate books to a local shelter.  Introduce the concept and/or be receptive if your tween comes up with it herself.

5. No need to plan it to the minute – or even the hour. Many times tweens want to party together, but with loads of time to play video games, watch a video, eat pizza, and generally hang out.  Don’t over plan parties for your tweens, and let them have plenty of say in the party plan too.

Have fun planning your tween birthday parties with these top 5 tips.

By Lisa Kothari, Peppers and Pollywogs

Once again Lisa Kothari dazzles us with her awesome party tips. What some of you might not know is she was also a guest on Martha Stewart Living Radio Morning Living segment on Wednesday, April 14, 2010. Congratulations Lisa!

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