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Top Tips for a Laser Tag Birthday Party – Guest Poster Lisa Kothari

Peppers and Pollywogs Laser Tag Birthday Party

Guest Post by Lisa Kothari, Peppers and Pollywogs – All About Kids Parties

Laser Tag is one of the most popular birthday party ideas for school age and tween boys.  It’s also popular with the parents in that usually this party is held at an outside venue that provides all of the equipment, entertainment, and fun for the duration of the party.

Keep these top tips in mind when planning a Laser Tag Birthday Party:

1. There is often a minimum age for a laser tag party. Due to safety concerns this minimum age will range from 7 to 10 years-old.

2. When signing up for your laser tag party package, make sure to inquire what is and is not included. Decorations may not be so important, but hydration is during this game.  Make sure that either the facility provides drinks or you have them on hand.

3. Assure guests’ parents of safety precautions. In your party invitation you may want to note that lasers are actually beams of light like in a TV remote, and not actual lasers. Also, you may want to include a brochure of the venue that outlines their other safety measures.

4. Request a dress code for your guests. Most places will request that the kids are dressed in long pants and sensible shoes.

5. Hand out T-shirts and assign code names to the laser tag teams. This is a team sport party and two ways to distinguish the teams is with T-shirts (which can also serve as the party favor) and team code names.

Finally, for a menu, pizza and drinks will do along with a birthday cake to top it off.

Have a great Laser Tag Birthday Party.

Side note from Julie

In addition to Lisa’s great tips, I’d suggest asking the laser tag facility if they offer a birthday club or perhaps if you book a party there, is the birthday boy or girl free or do they offer a discount to them.

For example, QZAR Laser Tag in Atlanta, Georgia offers the Birthday Child a one year Birthday Club Membership good for Buy 1 Get 1 Free Laser Tag Games for a year and if you book the birthday party on a Friday, the kids can play an additional game for free.

To find local businesses offering birthday discounts & freebies visit: Free Birthday Treats.

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