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Trick or Treat Night Outing

We all know this age-old rhyme as Halloween approaches:

Trick or treat, you’re so neat.
 Give me something good to eat.
 Nuts and candy, fruit and gum. 
I’ll go away if you give me some.

Trick or treat, smell my feet.
 I know you’ll give us lots of treats.
 Not too big, not too small,
maybe the size of Montreal.

Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat,
 Give me something nice to eat.
 If you don’t, we don’t care,
 we’ll put money in your underwear!

Cute, huh?

Halloween Eve will be a time for your children and their friends to get together, don their costumes, and head out into the crisp night air with their torches to light the way. Here are some ideas for the festivities to help you celebrate the fun this year.

Invite the kids to your home to get into their costumes. A lot of the early part of the evening will be taken with getting ready. Make sure to play some creepy music to get everyone in the mood. Afterwards, snapping photos, ooohing and aaaahing over each other, lighting the pumpkins, and making sure everyone has their flashlights, glow sticks, and loot bags will also be important next steps.

OK, the main part of the night will be the actual trick or treat! Make sure to hit all of the “good” houses in the neighborhoods, i.e. the ones known for giving out mini loot bags or people who deck out their homes and act out a scary scene when they thrust open the doors. Adult supervision will be necessary, and make sure to keep the group together. It’s an awesome 90 minutes or so … enjoy!

Upon return, the kids will be very interested in a treat (perhaps something to cut all that sugar) beside their treats. Use orange and black Halloween party supplies to keep everyone in the mood.

You can have snacks ready made with punch. Bloody knuckles would be fun, as would chicken tenders served with BBQ sauce, black tortilla chips, deep purple grapes, etc. This will also be a time when they will be dumping out their loot bag, looking for their favorites, and trading one goody for another…it’s a sugary time, to be sure!

After all of this fun, the kids will be off and into the night as their parents pick them up and take them home. Gathering together to celebrate this special tradition together will mark the evening as truly memorable.

Happy Spooks!

By Lisa Kothari, Peppers and Pollywogs

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