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The Ultimate Spinner Game Review

Do you have a family game night where you drag out all the board games and have fun as a family? We don’t do it every week, but try to. It’s so awesome to interact with our kids (before they think it’s stupid to spend time with their parents) and see how they think through something or how excited they get when they beat you.

The Original Ultimate Spinner

My family and I recently had the opportunity to review Robbins Toys’ The Original Ultimate Spinner, which by the way, is made in the good ole’ United States. Maine to be more specific. Jim Robbins, owner of Robbins Lumber, felt compelled to find a safe, environmentally friendly and fun toy for his grandchildren after last year’s massive recall of toys from China due to lead paint and other toxin concerns. Robbins Lumber is also a “green” certified fifth-generation lumber mill in Searsmont, Maine.

The Original Ultimate Spinner Game is an amazing 12 game collection of educational, recreational, physical and mental challenges. It features a high quality wooden base with a large wooden spinner hand and a full suite of colorful, durable games.

Ultimate Spinner Racetrack

We had so much fun playing the bowling, racetrack (with the pine wood race cards) and math games and look forward to playing the numerous others.

Original Ultimate Spinner Math

I will have to say though, the Spin-Do is probably our favorite, but I’ll let my 10 yo son explain why. He sat down and wrote out his very own review.

Are you looking for a game that makes your head go spinning?! Then get this awesome game called The Original Ultimate Spinner! It includes 12 crazy games for kids and adults to have fun! My favorite game was Spin-Don because it had lots of funny activities like acting like a chicken laying an egg! I’m looking forward to playing this game again with my family!

If you want to truly see how creative your kids can really be, play the Spin-Do game with them. I was amazed when my son, sat in his chair like a chicken put his arms back and clucked! Although I thought his favorite would have been the piggy back ride I had to give him around the house. :)

Original Ultimate Spinner

The Original Ultimate Spinner was made for ages 4 and up and can be purchased through their online store for $49.95 or at these other locations. It is a wonderful gift of fun and laughter that brings a family together. Perfect for the holidays or any upcoming birthdays!

Julie Sig

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