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Using Lists to Plan for a Birthday

Introducting my first guest post written by Jennifer Tankersley the creator of

ListPlanIt Birthday Lists

I almost always have three or four ongoing lists attached to my clipboard, but when I have a birthday coming up in my family, the number of lists tends to more than double.Here is a list of the lists that I use to help me plan a birthday.

1. A birthday to do list is a realistic recording of all of the details that go into planning a birthday for a loved one. Important things to include might be shopping for gifts and supplies, deciding whether to make or buy a cake, deciding how many people to invite, cleaning for the big day, making reservations, or even ordering something by a certain date to receive it in the mail on time.

2. A gift list is a necessity because often one or two gifts have been purchased ahead of time and placed in a secret hiding place. So an ongoing list is essential. There must be room on this page, however, to record the ideas you have for gifts along the way.

3. If you are planning a party for this birthday, then there are a few lists that are crucial to being ready. A guest list with addresses makes sending invitations and thank you notes a breeze. A timeline of the day of the party will help you stay on track. A planning list with possible games/entertainment options to help keep guests busy. A list of the dishes that will be served at the party with space for a grocery list of the ingredients of the food and drinks you’ll need.

4. A calendar of the weeks leading up to the big day will help you set deadlines and goals so that you can accomplish everything involved in planning a lovely birthday for that special person in your life.

Jennifer Tankersley is the creator where you can find over 300 lists and planning pages including everything you need to plan your next birthday or party and much more and of List Mama Blog: Lists of Lists for List-Lovin’ Mamas.

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